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The Raben Project Collection

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Mar. 24th, 2012 | 01:36 am
mood: hopefulhopeful

Hey guys.

So I know I've been terrible about updating. It's especially bad because the chapters are already written, and have been for over a year. So, in the interest of liberating you from my undependable whims, I am going to post a link to the story as it is on FF.net.

I hope you can forgive me my absence and laziness, and continue to enjoy the story as I update it there. I'll post here to let you know when a new chapter is out, and link you there. It is much easier for me.

So here you are. It should link to the chapter I was up to, Chapter 15:


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from: moonrise
date: Mar. 23rd, 2012 02:59 pm (UTC)


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