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The Raben Project 9

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Nov. 16th, 2010 | 06:45 pm

The Raven/Robin Project


Raven/Robin, RaeRob

A drabbles series of every RaeRob moment I could find in the show.

Episode 12 (Apprentice I) – Raven helps Robin find Slade.

The Quote

Robin: I can handle it. I promise.
Raven: Would you at least like to know where to look?



The Raben Project

"I can handle it. I promise."

Cyborg is doubtful. It manifests itself in the twitch of his brow, and the stiff bearing of his shoulders, as Robin attempts to walk out. He is frustrated with Robin, for being so easily convinced and consumed by Slade's plot, for being so willing to put himself into danger and temptation, and mostly, for making his friends worry as needlessly as they have over his well-being.

Cyborg's mood is like a single drop: breaking the water and watching the ripples expand outwards.

Beast Boy is hopeful. Hopeful that Robin will listen to them; hopeful that he will be okay; and also hopeful that they will still have his guidance with them on the mission. He is worried about taking Robin with them, and worried about leaving him behind, but tries to ignore the negative expectations in favour of the positive.

Beast Boy – as in all things – is green: a pale, sickly green, outshone by a core of garish neon.

Starfire is not as naïve as she seems.

She knows that people do not always learn from mistakes. She knows that it is easy to say one thing and do another. And she knows that the only person who can control an obsession, an addiction, is the one who suffers from it. It is Robin, and not herself, who will decide whether or not he is capable of performing this mission.

But even though she knows all this, it does not stop her from wanting to step in and fix things, or from wanting to protect her friend, because right now, Starfire is fearful. Fearful of what she will see, and won't see in Robin's future.

Starfire has a symphony in her head: a low harmony which plays on alone, waiting for the other side to be resurrected.

Raven observes the tense scene in the common room, as the feelings of her companions wash over her. She does not have to be an empath to see that they are worried for their friend, but Raven looks at Cyborg's stiff posture, Beast Boy's nervous gestures, and Starfire's fretful glances, and sees more than what is supposed to be there.

She is also able to see something that they can't.

Robin's emotions cling like a shroud of cold around him. His determination is a bone-deep chill. Self-doubt and guilt are choking mist. And, though he will not admit it, the questions of his friends rake like ice across his fingertips.

Robin appears composed externally, but Raven knows he is affected - not because his emotions are so intense - but rather, because he has always been able to shield them from her before.

Now, for the first time, she can see the extent of his turmoil: how he struggles with himself. She can feel his pull against temptation, the need to defy the expectations of others, the self-assurances that he will not let himself become that.

Raven looks at that swirling complex of fear and doubt around their leader, and discovers something new.

She finds she wants to believe him.


My thoughts (which I hope were sufficiently clear) was that Raven sees a reflection of her own struggle in Robin's, and this is why – when all the other Titans were asking him to stay back – she is the only one willing to trust him, and actually helps him find Slade.

Next Chapter: the-agent-x.livejournal.com/4301.html

Previous Chapter: the-agent-x.livejournal.com/3751.html#cutid1

First Chapter: the-agent-x.livejournal.com/1393.html#cutid1

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(no subject)

from: moonrise
date: Nov. 16th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)

This is fabulous. I love how a scene that was so small and simple, when looked at in a different light, can reveal its depth and intenseness. This project gets better with every chapter. You always find something there, and each time its something that is believable and underlying.

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(no subject)

from: the_agent_x
date: Nov. 17th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)

Thank you. The best thing about Raven and Robin is that, as they are naturally deep characters, it is really easy to find those underlying meanings in any interaction they have. I find that some of the best moments come from some of the most insignificant scenes.

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(no subject)

from: gesxo
date: Feb. 17th, 2013 12:38 am (UTC)

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