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The Raben Project 6

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Jul. 31st, 2010 | 07:08 pm
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The Raven/Robin Project


Raven/Robin, RaeRob

A drabbles series of every RaeRob moment I could find in the show.

Original Piece: Raven is accepted into the ranks of the Titan's 'Brain'.

The Raben Project


Said empath looked up from her novel to acknowledge the Titan leader standing not half a meter in front of her. He waited for a response. She raised an eyebrow in enquiry.

Robin smiled reassuringly at her (Why did she need reassuring?) and, with a glance over his shoulder to a grinning Cyborg, began "Cyborg and I were wondering if you'd be able to help us with something?"

Raven glanced around the common room. Starfire was in the kitchen, and Beast Boy was watching television. She looked over at Cyborg. He gave her two thumbs up. She peered down at her book. It stared forlornly back at her. She stood, and shut it with a snap.


And she followed them out into the hall.

There wasn't far to go. Robin turned into the command room a little further down the corridor, and Raven entered in after him. It was a relatively small area, featureless, except for a large table dominating the centre, and a video screen built into the far wall.

Raven moved aside as Cyborg entered, and noted how it seemed smaller with him inside. He didn't appear to mind however, and instead went straight to the table, to paw through copious amounts of papers, pictures and devices currently piled on top of it.

She watched it all in silence, waiting, until Robin once again fixed his attention on her. And again without preamble, he began.

"We were reviewing some of the patrols from the past week, trying to pinpoint the cause for the increased activity on the east side."

Cyborg, leaning back against the table, continued for him, "'Cause you had the area recently, we thought you'd be able to help us figure out why."

Raven blinked at them both, before nodding gravely.

"Captain Macaul has established himself there."

"Macaul?" Asked Cyborg, scanning through what she could only assume to be criminal records, on his in-built computer.

Raven turned to him as she confirmed, "Yes. He was arrested for trafficking illegal substances a fortnight ago."

"Got it." Cyborg nodded at her, and began reading from the file in his arm, "Let's see… illegal transportation… ah! He was the guy who took all of those toxic chemical containers across the bay, back in that whole Trident catastrophe."

"He's just lucky those chemicals didn't leak." Robin interjected, "As it is, he had his licence revoked." He looked curiously at Raven. "Why would this be causing trouble?"

"Some of the disreputables in the area had heard of the event, and have been waiting to see if the good Captain feels he's ready to join the ranks of Jump City's underworld." Raven drawled. "He's resisted thus far."

Robin and Cyborg shared a glance and then turned back to her with apprehensive frowns. "Do you think this could eventuate as a problem?"

"No." Raven stated resolutely. There was a short pause, as she realised the two boys were waiting on her to expand her answer. "He has had his share of crime. From what I can tell of him, there should not be another problem arising there for a long time, if at all."

They stared at her a bit longer then what she considered comfortable. Finally, Robin turned to face Cyborg.

"Well?" He asked, with a vague gesture in her direction.

The larger Titan smiled and nodded, and she was utterly lost as to the content of their silent conversation. Feeling isolated and defensive, Raven pulled up her most bored facade and intoned, "Is that all?"

The two boys turned their collective attention back onto her and her discomfort increased.

Not wanting to repeat herself, she told them, "I need to meditate."

Robin gave her an assessing glance, before nodding resolutely.

"All right. On Wednesday we'll be reviewing yesterday's attempted robbery. You'll need to be here at four."

And with that she was dismissed.

Raven decided to stop by the common area on the way to her room, in order to pick up the book she had left behind. When she got there, she paused at the door.

Nothing was amiss. Beast Boy was still staring at the screen. Starfire remained within the kitchen (Raven cannot call what she is doing cooking), and her book was lying just where she had left it.

Nothing had changed.

So why did it feel as if something just had?

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